5 tips before renovating your kitchen

Kitchen remodelling is a job that needs you to put thought, effort and money to make magic happen. Embarking on the project can make you feel both excited and nervous. There is a plethora of options that you can explore and at the same time there is also a lot that can go wrong. Therefore, it is best if you learn from others successes and mistakes and plan your kitchen remodel project well in advance to avoid any hiccups. Here are five tips which will help you while you set out to renovate your kitchen.

  1. Create a clear design and layout

When you plan a renovation of any area having a clear design charted out is most important. Kitchen renovations Sydney is no exception. You must clearly plan the layout and the design of the kitchen space depending on your preference. There are multiple layout options like island kitchen, peninsula kitchen, galley kitchen and two island kitchen. Mood boards come handy when it comes to planning the design and the layout. A mood board also known as design board or inspiration board is a powerful tool in the designer’s toolkit. This can be described as a physical or digital collection of material, textures, colours and images in a single representation. This brings all visual ideas to a tangible form and hence makes it easy for everyone to come on the same page. To get some inspiration about modern designs and layouts you can search websites like Pinterest, Houzz and Iconic Renovations & Co.

  • Plan your budget and keep aside a portion for unforeseen needs

Proper planning is extremely important for the success of any remodelling project. Budget should be a part of the plan and should be one of the first things you plan. The extent of revamp, the kind of products and the services you can utilize all depend on your available budget. You must look at what are your options of financing the renovation and make a list of what all do you want to replace vis-à-vis repair. Keeping a portion of your budget aside for any unforeseen or unplanned needs is also crucial as once the renovation work starts some unplanned expenditure very often crops up. In such a case, you should not feel the extra financial burden and so having a small portion of budget for these situations is always helpful.

  • Set your expectations clearly for the contractor

Discussing your expectations clearly with the builder or contractor before initiating the work is crucial. This solves two purposes, one your contractor knows your budget, timelines and exact needs, secondly you understand the quality of service and outcome that you can expect. This discussion will help you make a realistic project plan and ensure that both the parties are on the same page. Many homeowners who do not have this clear discussion before embarking on the remodel, face issues and get into heated arguments with the contractors as their expectation are not known to the contractor.

  • Set achievable timelines

The timelines should be a part of the plan that you created before starting the project. The timelines must be agreed and aligned with the contractor too so that they work accordingly. It is best to set smaller milestones so that you can assess and evaluate the work continuously instead of a final evaluation. This ensures that there are no surprises and the work happens as per your plans.

  • Enjoy the whole experience

Remodelling work can become stressful because of the constant stress around quality, time and budget. However, it is best to plan well initially and then enjoy the whole process of renovation. Admire each small milestone that gets delivered and feel proud about what you have achieved.

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