Kitchen Renovation Cambridge Gardens

Kitchen Renovations

Iconic Renovations & Co provides beautiful and functional designs and installations for new and old kitchens in Sydney and its suburbs. Our team of kitchen experts comprises designers, architects, carpenters, masons, painters, plumbers, and other technicians. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we create safe, inviting, innovative, and practical designs. Our kitchen renovations Cambridge Gardens services will take your space and transform it into a vibrant and charming living area.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen?

Renovating your kitchen goes beyond making your home a better place to live. It also increases its value. If you are expecting higher ROI, you can never go wrong with a kitchen renovation.

Enhanced Functionality

There are different ways in which kitchen renovations Cambridge Gardens can help improve the overall functionality:

  • Adding more cabinets can help create more storage space.
  • Knocking down a wall can create more space for the counter.
  • Upgrading the appliances and/or lighting fixtures can further enhance functionality.

Greater Comfort

A kitchen renovation can also make space a more comfortable space for you and your family to spend time together.

  • A better design can improve ventilation and reduce heat and odours.
  • A kitchen island can be installed to increase seating and add more dining area.
  • Larger windows can be added to get more natural light into the area.

Visual Update

We can help you change the complete look of your kitchen. All it may require is upgrading the cabinet hardware and repainting the walls. You may also choose to install new floors, countertops, and cabinets.

A kitchen renovation Cambridge Gardens can also improve safety and save energy.

What Are The Different Aspects Involved?

All kitchen renovations in Cambridge Gardens projects involve a wide range of aspects. As already mentioned, we have specialised technicians to handle all these different areas:


Kitchen sinks need both hot and cold water supplies and a waste pipe. Dishwashers also require plumbing in. They supply and waste connections are also usually extended from the sink plumbing. A kitchen renovation will require plumbing work when the sinks are upgraded or moved.


Masonry work can be crucial to kitchen renovation projects of different scales. Whether you want to add square footage or not, we can help you get the most out of your renovation.

  • Before a concrete masonry wall is removed, we will create a floor plan
  • Special care is taken to improve the kitchen’s relationship with breakfast nook, family room, and dining area
  • Shorter walls can be created to allow wider sightlines. This also creates the perception of more space.


From new kitchen cabinet design to refacing, we provide comprehensive carpentry services for your kitchen renovations Cambridge Gardens requirements.

  • Cabinet Design: If your old cabinetry needs replacement or you have a new kitchen, we have the expertise required to design and install the right cabinets.
  • Cabinet Refacing: Your existing cabinets may not require a complete replacement. They may be dated but well laid-out and structurally durable. We can reface the cabinets to give them a custom, new look.


From preparation to completion, we also handle all the painting jobs related to your kitchen renovation.

  • Preparation: No amount of primer or paint can cover nail holes or wall cracks. We will sand out uneven spots, caulk seams, and fill nail holes before priming and painting.
  • Surface Finishes: The finish affects how easy your kitchen surfaces are to clean. From eggshell walls to satin cabinets to semi-gloss trims, we take care of both aesthetic and functional aspects.

When it comes to your kitchen renovations in Cambridge Gardens, you should also update the lighting.

Why Hire Us?

We take pride in Kitchen Renovations that transform a tired and non-practical space into a stylish, functional, and modern space. Each new project for us features a unique design. Each project is suited to the practical and aesthetic needs of our clients.

We use state of the art materials, ranging from polyurethane to granite for different surfaces. We have years of partnerships with supplies renowned for providing durable, reliable, and beautiful materials.

We at Iconic Renovations & Co are a team of experienced, licensed, and insured professionals in the kitchen renovations Cambridge Gardens. We deliver an advanced level of craftsmanship.